Tips On Rhinoplasty And Its Benefits

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery in which part of the nose or the nasal septum itself is modified. When someone thinks of this cosmetic operation, the most immediate benefit comes to mind: improving their appearance.

What should we know before having a nose job?

Our specialist points out that rhinoplasty can be assessed if we are faced with these situations:

  • - We need a more proportionate face
  • We have physical consequences from an accident
  • - We suffer apnea
  • - We detect respiratory difficulties

The doctor's advice is, above all, “choose the right professionals.” Dr. Kim is the leading nose job expert in Miami. Patients are often afraid of surgical interventions. Therefore, it will give us more security to have "good hands," which are backed by extensive experience in cosmetic operations.

It is also important that we are sure that we want to have a nose job and be aware of the causes and consequences of our decision. "The reason why someone ends up opting for this option is in the benefits that will be obtained after the process," explains the doctor, adding that "an improvement in health and self-confidence is achieved. "

Rhinoplasty benefits in patients

Through this facial surgery, aesthetically visible results are obtained, and others of a psychological nature, imperceptible at first sight. Let us know the details of these benefits.

Forget the traumas and marks of an accident.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for nose surgery is the aftermath of car accidents. Patients come to the office with facial deformities and need to be recognized again.

Knockdown complexes because of our nose

Sometimes our nose can be very large or protruding, and we are clear that an arrangement would bring us a total change in the face. These are small imperfections, which we have from birth, and can lead to large complexes. They can even make us feel limited in our opportunities.

Gain confidence and security

The specialist tells us that she has observed "`improvement in health and confidence" in patients after the operation. At first, it is difficult to undergo a nose job, but afterward, it is found that the results are as desired.

Cure respiratory problems like apnea

There are deviations of the nasal septum that cause respiratory difficulties and apneas. Also, for these cases, the option of rhinoplasty can be assessed.

Although the operating room and recovery time generate some fear, it is important that we value its benefits and go to a professional to treat our case.

First Day And Month Care After Getting Rhinoplasty

And what to do during the first days? What care should we maintain? First of all, try to sleep with your head up, sleep semi-incorporated for the first few days, and not eat foods that are very hot or require us to chew a lot. You should not drink alcoholic beverages during the first two weeks, and you should avoid smoking or being a passive smoker.

You should also avoid activities that require contact or physical effort and, very important for the postoperative period of rhinoplasty: do not blow your nose! And if you have to sneeze, do it with your mouth open. In addition, it is advisable, as far as possible, to speak as little as possible and not to gesture with the face, try not to laugh or cry, gestures that can cause problems in healing. These recommendations must be kept for the first ten days.

In the first days, bruises may appear on the face, which will increase during the first two to three days. You may also have minor bleeding, headaches, and notice a blocked nose. These side effects are not worrisome and will disappear with the passing of days.

The plugs that used to be placed in the nostrils after the operation are used less and less due to the minimally invasive techniques we perform. If necessary, they would withdraw within the first 24 hours. The splint itself should remain about 6-7 days.

As for daily grooming, you can shower as you normally do, although trying not to wet the area around the nose. He thinks that the operated area should remain as dry as possible. Better if when you wash your face, you do it with cold water and without wetting the intervened area.

If you use glasses or contact lenses, your doctor will tell you when you can use them again. Normally the lenses can be reused three days after the operation and the glasses after approximately three weeks.

Thirty days after the operation, the final results will begin to be seen, and the patient will be able to lead a normal life, although he must maintain certain care. It is important that during the first two to three months, you do not sunbathe, avoid cold and wind in the operated area, and do not make sudden movements that could affect the operated area. It is recommended that you do not smoke or drink during the first months in order not to slow down the scarring of the tissues.

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Follow These Recommendations To Make Your Rhinoplasty Operation A Success

It is essential to enter the operating room with all doubts resolved. Think that your surgeon or surgeon will accompany you throughout the process. From the first consultation, it is recommended that you ask all those questions that concern you in order to make the best decisions. But not just before entering the operating room; The medical team will accompany you to answer questions throughout the process and after the nose job.

Keep in mind that each case is different from the others, so even if you hear experiences from other people who have undergone rhinoplasty, your best advisers will always be the professionals who are part of the medical team that is taking care of your case.

Don’t Try To Imitate Other Noses

As we said at the beginning of this article, there are noses that become “fashionable” and provoke many queries in plastic surgery clinics. The medical recommendation is not to get too carried away by these trends. It is important, however, that you have an orientation on how you want your nose to be. These indications will guide rhinoplasty surgeons to achieve the desired result.

You must expose your expectations to the medical team, and, for this, you can make use of images about noses and faces that you have in mind.

Better Not Attend To Pressures From The Environment

Sometimes people who are interested in nose surgery come to the consultations of cosmetic surgeons because they have received social pressures, even from their most direct environment. Do not get carried away by what others want to see about you, and the important thing is how you look and feel with your face, regardless of the “recommendations” you receive from the environment. The opinions of others are just that, opinions.

It is essential that you think if you really want to undergo the operation if you want to modify your face in a certain way and if you want to have a different nose. Only you yourself will face the mirror later. If you want to have a rhinoplasty, do it in complete safety and have made the decision without receiving pressure from third parties, even when they are very close people.

Do Not Smoke For At Least 15 Days Before The Operation

Plastic surgery professionals recommend not smoking during the 15 days prior to the rhinoplasty operation. By eliminating the habit of smoking during the two-three weeks prior to surgery, we manage to eliminate nicotine from our body, and with this, our arteries will recover their size, and the blood will normally reach all tissues.

Tobacco is totally inadvisable before, during, and after the surgical intervention since it causes vasoconstriction in the blood capillaries, which, in the case of rhinoplasty, would hinder the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the nose area, with which healing capacity would be impaired.…