Membership Types 澳洲幸运10历史开奖号码查询2024:

介绍彩票游戏的名称,吸引对彩票感兴趣的读者。突显文章的时效性,吸引对最新开奖信息感兴趣的读者。PMA membership gives you access to technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance – everything Pilates professionals need to be successful.


For those currently training to be a Pilates teacher and not yet earning an income teaching




For Pilates teachers or anyone who wishes to support the goals of the organization




Corporate membership with the PMA is a great way to build a strong platform to network and make connections with Pilates studios, teachers, and students.


Why do I value the PMA?
I believe that the PMA, through all the ups and downs of our industry and our world, is an organization that can help make our future better, and I am deeply engaged in the future of our profession and the health and wellbeing we can offer the world at large.

Sally Anderson

Reach Movement Health

This [newsletter] is a magnificent change I didn’t even know was needed until you launched it all. You are amazing! The PMA is on a great track in my estimation and I certainly hope you are experiencing that!!

Rachel Taylor Segel, NCPT

President, The Pilates Center Boulder | Colorado

The PMA provides a proactive voice for a unified community of Pilates professionals.

Together We


Elevate the profile, position, and credibility of Pilates.

Raise the Bar

Improve and advance professional norms in the Pilates field.


Unite Pilates professionals worldwide.

Join Us

6,000 Members Strong!

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Improve Your Pilates Practice

Gain Pilates industry knowledge from The Hundred Blog.

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Save Money

Exclusive PMA member savings on insurance, business tools, equipment, apparel, and PMA events.

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Make Connections

Engage with others on The Alliance portal.

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Find a Job, Hire Employees

Find a job on the PMA Job Board. Post a job with a member discount.

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Pilates Business Resources

Get tools to grow your Pilates business at PMA Business events.

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Help Clients Find You

PMA Teacher and Studio directory is available to the public on our website.

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Programs and Initiatives

All PMA programs and initiatives are supported by its sponsors and members.

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